I hugged him so close, that didn’t want to let him go.

I wished to myself to have another moment from this hug, as I don’t know when will be the next time…

When he let me go, I allow myself to ask for another one.

I was happy when he co-operated, smiled and gave another one.

Although I was happy and didn’t want to leave him, I said I want to go.

He understood, next to his charm smile he said:  “you are going to cry.. so you need time for yourself”.

With eyes full of tears, I smiled and agreed with him: “yes. You know me.."

Another hug. This time short one. I left. Holding myself not to look back.

It’s not that I haven’t got lots of hugs on my visiting.

I was looking to give them as much as I can, and on any occasion, I was asking to receive them.

I understood the meaning and how powerful hugs have when I haven’t got the chance to give them or when I needed them the most.

I understood that for the first time when I sat next to someone and he can't see, either willing to provide the hug that I want to give or to receive.

The same understanding accrues during my time of me, living on my own on the other side of the world.

Yet it was neither sad and warming my heart at the same time to hear or read “just for you to know, I feel you much closer to me from there than the people that live next to my door”.

Sometimes, especially when close friends experience the adventures of life and even happy moments – it's a challenge for me to be far from them.

You don't know me, but I can do some crazy things for my friends…

The moments that I couldn’t be there to put my hand on their shoulder a moment before hugging them close to my heart, to speak seriously and then try to make them laugh … (this how I handle life: cry and laugh)

In those moments I feel like I want to jump through the computer screen or clap my hands, just for a while, and be on the other side.

The first thing when we are thinking about a hug, is between people.. mmm I know. I thought the same.

Hugs have power.

They pass energy and connecting people.

They say things without any words.

They provide you to feel. They allow you to feel.

Any kind of feelings.

This can say:

I enjoy, I miss, I appreciate, I’m proud, I love/like you, you are important to me, you are not alone ext.

So many things in one simple thing… the sad thing is that most of the time routine brings us to a point that we forget to provide this simple hug.

So, yes the first thing that comes to our mind about a hug – is between people.

Yet it’s true, after giving it a thought and importantly allow myself to feel, now I know – more important to hug a moment (always nice when a person is part of it 🙂  ) .

And about the hug I got…

I was missing that the most.

After all, he is my only little brother.

So between people – that means it is not just about the hug, it is about who is hugging you 🙂

There is no replacement for hugging a moment, as it remains alive in any place in the world and any space on time.

Appreciate. Say. Hug

By the way, got my eyes after writing this post.

It has been scientifically proved that one of the things that lift our mood in a short moment is hugging (giving or receiving).

It is known to achieve low levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. It also activates the Orbitofrontal Cortex in the brain, which is linked to positive rewards and compassion feelings.

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