Am I less than anybody else?

It was the middle of the night.

She was sure I would be sleeping or busy.

Deep inside she wished for me to text her back (she shared with me later).

"You know what I realized today? I don't think I truly had a chance with him"

My eyes were open.. and after less than a second…

"A person that attract him so many women, why he will look at me?"

That was the point that I raise my eyebrows too. and for a moment I was staring at the screen thinking: "wow. No… really ?! where this is suddenly come from?"

I didn't understand her. Why again she was feeling insecure or lack of confidence about herself?

Without hesitations, I simply answered: "Because you are crazily worth"

Inside of me I thought – she is beautiful, intelligent, radiating grace, shows joy and happiness, she did things that I can just wish for, not once I said to her she is inspiring me and I'm sure for others too, so where this is coming from?

I knew she's been through lots at last few years. I've been there, next to her.

So the question is quite rhetoric question.


I was sure that she was over it, that she started to see what others find in her.

I wanted to ask her if she truly believes she is less than others

I really wanted to txt if he can't see it, he doesn't deserve you. Maybe at the moment, he prefers to fly like a butterfly"

But I knew it isn't about him or any women he knew. It is about her. What happens inside her mind. So I choose to remind her from what a rolling costar she saved herself.

I refer her to an email that she asked from her friends (included me) to write her about what they see and love about her. And I gave her the time that I felt she need for herself.

After a few minutes, I got another text "thank you 🙂 "

I knew she moved to a different state of mind.

Through the years as a result of different experiences each and one of us developed beliefs, some of them delay us from growing.

Is it make us less than the rest? Probably not. It makes us humans.

Next to it, it leads to believe that totally blocks or delay us from doing things – that can be in any subject or field.

I know that when I wanted to make a change in my life:

I understood what blocks or shut me.

Trust and share people (not just anyone !)

No matter what – search for the way that suitable for it to change

When we spoke, I remind her:

The grass next door always looks greener, but it does not have to be the truth – sometimes it is just the light's angle.

Behind each and one of us, there's a story, which the eyes cannot see …

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