How I lift myself up after I thought I could never hike again ?

2009 hiking in Nepal…

I didn’t believe I would hike again.

Langtang .. that was the first track that we did. There were some moments that I was walking and crying.

I took a deep breath several times, not because of the altitude.

I couldn’t believe – 4.5 years before I couldn’t stand more than two minutes, not to mention how challenging it was to walk.

2004-2005 I was traveling in NZ and Oziland (Australia).

Hiking, walking, jumping, skydiving, exploring, writing, thinking – all that travel can be included.

And then, suddenly, walking down the stairs in north Thailand, I twist my right foot  ..  “crazy”  “ouuutzh”

I was waiting for her to come back from the store on the ground floor, the moment she saw me, she knew – something went wrong.

“Rotem, I need to get to the hospital” , she tried to remain peaceful when said: “why?”, what?”

The tuktuk driver drove like crazy when he heard the magic word “hospital”. We looked at each other laughing: “two Israeli travelers found their death on the way to the hospital”.

Sitting on a wheelchair, hold my head. Can’t believe for what just happen to me “this is how I’m gonna send one year of traveling?”.. and a day before I thought to give up my return flight ticket and continue travel.


One teas facture

Two springs in two different places partial rupture of blood vessels, ligaments and other things that just a year later (when I’ve leaned rehab pilates) I could understand.

Yayyyy, I was cynically thinking.

They couldn’t put gypsum.

It looked bad. I didn’t know if to laugh or cried when my fit got all the rainbow colors.

Nah, it wasn’t funny. It was so painful, that even the pain killers didn’t affect.

3 days after I got back to Israel.

From an active and independent person, I became a potato coach – that’s how I named myself.

I was saying that a dog has a better life, as he has the privilege of going out 3 times a day. Me…. As it was still winter in Israel, I couldn’t manage to walk with the crutches..

I tried my best to keep on smiling.

Two months later I started rehabilitation.

Except my mood, also my body changed: my stabilization were worth then ever, I lost my balance, I gain weight and later I understood more about what happened to my muscular, nerve systems and Skelton.

During my rehab, they didn’t notice the injury’s reflection to the entire body and things got worth.

In some point, I found myself back and forward from the hospital. Suffering from lower abs and back’s pain – they couldn’t understand or point what the hell is causing it.

My posture has changed – I couldn’t stand straight, my muscles were consistently in pain and bad inflammation develops in my right foot.

I was that close from surgery…

Following my guts feeling I said no to that.

Depression was around the corner. I said to myself “no matter what. Don’t give up” – it was f@#% hard!

4-5 days a week I’ve done all you can think of: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally – spent a lot of energy, time and money. At the end – it was worth it.

2009 walking on the Himalia’s path. Walking proudly and smiling: “I'm hiking. Again”.

The outcome from that – I’ve been a rehab Pilates instructor for 10 years. I’ve helped people to find their way to not give up although the pain.

I’ve learned that n matter what, there is and will be always a way.

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