How am I looking at things when they aren't working the way I want them to be ?

“I want us to be friends“ he looks at me with his blue eyes.

That’s what I wanted too; although I had something inside that I couldn’t understand.

They say: if you want to get over an old love – you need to open your heart to someone else.

During the years, with all I had been through, I got to a point that I shut myself.

Especially at my last 4 years of marriage that my ex put me through.

He put me through because I allow him to do so.

Then, from nowhere, like he never existed – my heart widely opened.

The energy that I felt was strong and soft at the same time.

Vortex of senses.

We had a friendship like we knew each other for years.

We were laughing that elsewhere in other time we must have been known each other from a previous life.

Experiences, travels, conversations, tears and dancing.

“You stuck with me forever” – he wrote to me once.

Ups and downs. Getting closer than taking distance.

He took a step back several times like was afraid of something,

He was blaming me for causing problems more than once.

The day that I understood the energy between us, things changed, just because I understood other things around that.

In many ways, he reminded me, my ex-husband.

He got hurt by me saying that to him, insisted “I’m not like him!

I have to be honest and say he is not…

He was younger but more mature. Spiritual Soul, that knows how to enjoy music and dance.

Next to it –

There were some similar interfaces that I understood can be devastated for me, so I internalized “you can never know what god is protecting you from”.

This expression becomes a meaningful mantra for me, leading the understanding of “everything comes for the best”, or “what will be – will be”.

Only time shows and teaches us that.12

At the past, it took me a long time to change this state of mind. Today, lucky me.. I shorter that.

A half-year later – he moved to another place.

We are still in touch. Friends from previous life J

His mission was successful and I thanks him for that personally before he left.

Pic was taken by me: Queen Sharllot Track, NZ, 2016

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