Why it is so important to take a break ?

While I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in front of the sea, after a short walk and stressful week.

Few people that I shared with, asked me “don’t you think you took too much on yourself ?”

Or “can’t you stop with something for now?

As knowing myself I quick said – “no, I can’t”.

Who I was kidding or lying – was only to myself, and that took me a few days to understand that …

I’m kind of multi-task person.

I don’t remember a time In my life that I “just” worked, or “just” learn, seems like the only thing that I’ve done totally when I was traveling …

Every time I find myself adding another thing into my life. I don’t know why, but it was always like that…

When I found myself this week thinking too much about what should I do, as usual, I took a note and done my “to-do list” for each project.

I was amazed to find out: I’m dealing with at least 6 different subjects at one time.

You can realize and understand that any subject has his own sub-subjects…. So I starting to think about how to manage my time…

During the years, I found the right way, for me, to work things done.

I found myself every day at the last week trying to juggle around between all the 6, without the other thing I have in my personal life…

I tried … in many different ways …

Until I realized, it’s not working the way I want (I like to give it all), so – I allow myself to take a break.

I took a break and went visiting my favorite place in the NZ – and I continuing writing while I’m already here.

I thought about that while walking in one of the trails yesterday – how things can be so small or so big, it is just a matter of point of view.

I understood that if I have to take a break from other things, so I decide to make some moves that will probably change a lot. A part of it is not to put a goal of writing or advertising a weekly post, especially since I’m going to face lots of changing soon (probably I will share at some point 🙂 )

It is so important to know how to take a break

* Getting different perspective about things

* Helps to get a decision and go with them

* Everything can and will wait, and if no – maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do

* Charge batteries

Smile more, to be less stressful – manage to take a break like I'm managing any other project



Did you notice how small I am?

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