Why is it important to imagine ?


Sitting in a cafe near the hotel where I was staying.

We met for the last time more than two years ago. I was different Liat… someone that even myself didn’t know.

It was a “touching” meeting as if we had never parted or thousands of miles had cut off between us.

We continued from the same spot.

I was thrilled when she wrote to me: "There is nothing like a meeting of soul friends in the middle of the world."

After we covered our memories and catch up with things, as usual, our conversation turned into speak about dreams of life.

It was only a matter of time that on the long flights I had, playing (another) a song that would inspire and remind me of this conversation with her …

When we are children, imagination is part of us. Some of us even have daydreams.

In adolescence, I find myself sitting on the window again and again. Staring out, silent. Thinking. Disengaging.

As you get older, something changes. Maybe even have a social expectation to less dreaming and focus on doing.

At some point in my life, I learned to direct the various situations to write.

And here I am, I learned that it was okay just to stare. Next to the “doing” – so important to imagine and dream – most importantly try to fulfill.

She sat opposite me and said to me: Welcome to the 40’s crisis.

Want to dream? What do you want to do?

What are you desire to achieve?

Take a paper and pen and write whatever comes to your mind, without any inhibitions, without any limitations.

Write down. Grow. Create.

She didn’t renew anything to me, so I replied with a kind of helplessness: "I have done, already several times …"

She looks at me and says: "You're inspiring, you're not just saying, you're doing, so what's it for you to make a list?"

"The moment that I’m a daydreamer …

Remembering things … smiling

Daydreaming and imagining

Playing with the thought about the future

The thought of "could it be, maybe, possibilities"

That's how life has its own kind of rhythm

It is interesting to find out if daydream it is

Or the reality that can become true

Will I know soon? Also another wondering…

Or is it just a passing thought "

(My personal Facebook, 28.3.27)

Let the imagination to take you far away

There is a good possibility to discover wondrous worlds

True, sometimes it can be frighten

But fear must be turned into an impulse of doing,

To fulfill

I always claim that we should look into fear’s eyes

And if there is anything that stops us, we must walk through it and break the walls

Because, in the end – we are the ones who stop ourselves

And if you love music, let it take you up to the joy

Wonder what song gave the inspiration?

Ehud Banai's free imagination .. With my favorite singer Beri Saharof … Enjoy!

(wants to listen click here)

"I allow myself, with a little imagination

The two of us together, you and me

But you're not with me, it's only in my mind

Both of us, together, free imagination

Surf with the wind, across the mountains

Growing stupor into the darkness

Flying to the moon, to the stars

In the Milky Way, we will go into the pocket…

Rising to the horizon and disappearing

We dive into the stormy waters

Laughing at the sun and the clouds

From late at night,

Breaking record "

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