Should I stop writing ? … It isn’t a piece of history; it is life. Amsterdam

Maybe I choose wrong. Have I done it completely wrong ? maybe it is a huge mistake that I'm not willing to pay the price. I've got hurt too much at the last few years.

Maybe I should stop…

“When I write I can shake off all my caves, my sorrow disappears, my spirit is revived”

Amsterdam, April 2017. Holocaust Memorial Day.

I was walking in her house. Two months ago when I booked the visit, I choose the date and the time. Surprisingly, my intuition chooses the time that people in Israel will stand a minute of silence for the people who were murder… 6 million Jews.

The emotion of what I felt while I was reading her diary when I was young came back to me.

Standing outside, the goose-flesh that I had wasn’t been from the cold. Freezing.

When I stood outside her house, tears fill my eyes. In strangled throat inside I had to hold myself not to cry.

And then of a sudden, my eyes caught the opening sentence.

As it is forbidden to take pictures, I wasn’t cared to stop and write.

A woman behind whispered a dirty word with an angry face; she didn’t like what I’ve just done.

"When I write I can shake off all my caves, my sorrow disappears, my spirit is revived", she wrote and shake my caves…

I felt this is a message written for me…, As a day before, my eyes catch Bielski's (painter) words: "I don't understand why people shared their private lives with the public", brought me hesitate about my writing…

For some of the people, the Holocaust is history, for me – as a Jew and of course for some of my friends – it is our life, it gave us life.

5/4/1944, Anna Frank wrote what is the meaning of writing about life, and added “I want to go on living even after my death.

She knew how hard the situation was, but she kept the faith.

73 years later, she stills “living”, as well as inspires others, she made me think again about my writing…

It isn’t a piece of history; it is a chapter in life.

Following that, two things I can suggest:

First – sit and write.

Intuitively, don’t think what about. Start with 10 min.

I remember a time that every minute I wrote “I don’t have what to write”

Second – always have a pen and a small notebook. (although for me. notebook, mobile, computer, a piece of paper. everything works – just keep it handy)

That is the way to be inspired by your own life 🙂

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