How I handle life when they like a roller coaster ?

There was a time that every morning she used to wake up for a txt with the title of "while you were sleeping".

Every morning, day after day, she asked herself how her friend coupe with this crazy rhythm of things, especially when everything happens during working day…

Other friends of her describe her life at the last years like a roller coaster, another said it’s a hurricane and she is living in the middle of the eye of it. She just can't see it, as she is inside, so how she can know.

Yet, it was right.

Disneyland. Hong Kong.

Sitting in a roller coaster … dark space with a few resembles stars around. Waiting

After two rounds, we're stopping for a moment… and then we start moving – this time backward…

Some of us are having so many things in less than 24 hours.

Things that others don't have the experience even in a year.

When we are inside a situation, we can't see, we can't understand, we can't have the knowledge of how deep we are in the middle of the "storm's eye".

OK, she is me.

And yes, those changes become to my reality when I've done the first step in Hong Kong.

In a short time, I've experienced so many changes in my life, those lead to more and more things to handle with, some of them even until now.. (after all, when writing thing words – I'm living on the other side of the world. NZ …)

In Hebrew we have expression saying:

"Troubles come in bundles"

So, except for crying, writing, doing a lot of sports and spending a lot of time on the beach – all I have done is keep on moving:

# Keep on doing

# Continuing believing (everything gonna be alright)

# Keep on breathing – yes!   breathing is the most important thing in

this cases (I will write about that. I promise)

And never give up


Mmmm, not sure.

I don't know how I didn't give up, I wanted, badly sometimes.

I truly wanted as I got tired, but I felt like it will be wrong to do so.

It felt like it's gonna take more energy to give up rather than to continue a little bit more.

… Probably deep inside I knew: for everything, there is a reason, sometimes we can see it clear, sometimes (who the hell I'm kidding – most of the time) totally not.

When I couldn't see it, I just believe. (and focus on breathing).

I had to believe that the universe is giving me what I need at the same moment to lead me to a better place.

I had to believe that there is a reason and one day I will know what was it is all about, so just keep on moving – frankly like hiking ..

I kept reminding myself … all the hiking trails that I've done or want to do.

I had to believe that to push myself.

(Now I know, that was and still is, the best choice).

Roller coaster?

Although it is scary (remember to try a ride in a dark room and backward), I always search the way to enjoy the ride, like a child.

Any way, I prefer Roller Coaster rather than Haunted Ride (if that's the right way to describe demon roller coaster)

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