"Back off" my mind is telling me, but my heart doesn't want to let go.

You are living in two different countries, it never will work

He just took a break from everything, the heart tries to convince

 You are in a different stage in life

No, we're not. we both feel kind of looking our path

You are going to visit, you might even not see each other

Yet, if we will, it could be great two weeks (that it 🙂 ), or.. you never know what will come after. Life is full of surprises.

 What could be happening? come on !  stop been foolish and dream in la-la land

You know, life can be one hell big ride and adventure, so why to stop?

Oh, come on… again you start with your adventures – you haven't got enough of them ?! and who you try to convince?  yourself ? .. you know how it could end?

No, how can I know?  following just the last few years… I know only:

1. Things can change all the time and turn around

2. Things happen for a reason that most of the time I can understand that later ..
4. that's the first time in a while that I allow myself to be freer and maybe to feel something..

and the last thing – I can make plans, but at the end of the day.. my life has their own path …

so – again I will ask – why not ?!

Because you might get hurt…    you don't want that!

You know that I've followed my heart several times in the past

(without mercy, with ridicule smile): And look at what happens…

 Maybe you are right in some of the things.. so because I 'might' I will block myself from trying? because I scared? because maybe nothing will happen? maybe because it won't lead to anywhere?

Yap – sound exactly good reasons, don't you think so?

Nop ! the only way to face fears is to go through them

But you can get touched .. and you are going back and he .. I don't know where he will be

Yes, I know. that is kind of fact, but even this can change.

Come on – don't be naive or even worth.. stupid, it isn't Hollywood story

Ok. you are right. I'm giving up.

(hii, never give up .?!)
Out of nowhere, I realize

Why am I allowing this conversation to be taken?

Why am I giving to my heart and my mind the permission to trick me?

they like the angel and devil sitting in each one of my shoulders.
and it's happening again.

that could be in any different situation …

Should, Would, Could .. waste of time and energy

Reminding myself: what suppose to be – will be

Usually, I will say – if you want it, go and get it.

In matters of relationships … mmmm it is more likely to believe what belongs to you will come to you in any matter.

Anyway, for that matter – needs two for tango .. so why to think about that

Enjoy. Simple as 🙂

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