Why I changed my mind about positive thinking

During the years I’ve tried that – the positive thinking

Who doesn’t ?

Even though my close friends consider me the optimistic and energetic one, sometimes even me – I know, that will shock you (haha) falling into the deep real and not so optimistic life.

Positive thinking says (long story – short): every time that different though (not “good”) came across, replace her immediately with a good one.

I’ve learned to use positive thinking as a tool.. but I didn’t understand why not all of me is 'into it' … until I felt:

Not again… Stop telling me to change my perspective and start to think positive.

I’m feeling shit, allow me to feel, don’t ask me to push those feelings away.

I’ve learned to connect with my inner peace

To feel, but not fall into it.

I got this "wisdom" sometime in 20134 ..

I lost my love, my dream, part of me … much before I gave up my marriage.

When I allow myself to feel and understand…  (and that’s can takes sometimes seconds ..), I'm asking myself those questions:

What is happening to me ?

Why do I feel like that ?

Is it “serves” me ?

Can I change something ?   If yes – so let’s do ..

Can't I ?  only then my positive thinking takes control

As this is the only thing that won't let me "stuck in the moment"

כמה נהנית / נתרמת מהכתבה ?


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