Most of the time saying goodbye it isn't so easy.

Most of us prefer not to face it. Even myself… I’ve done everything, sometimes telling myself stories that everything will be ok”, just not to face the situation.

Saying goodbye it is kind of a break up as well as facing farewell…

When I decide to write about goodbye, the first thing that comes to my mind about “goodbye” was about saying that to people (one of my friends moved to another country, and it felt strange) … but to be honest, that could be a habit, a country, a trip, a role..  – you got me ..

When I deeply thought about that over the past few years I face the journey of goodbye several times and in different ways.

Yes, it was hard to choose to divorce while I still loved him, yes – it was hard to put the past behind and move to other country and to know I will face things totally by my own, yes – it was hard to break habits, to go alone hiking for the first time and even take off my shield I put around me..

Each and one of those (and more..) was a small or big challenge for me…  ok, some of them were totally brought a storm into my soul, but I understood that if I won’t choose to say goodbye to things, I  will face it sooner or later or it can even get worth…

I think it is so hard for us to say goodbye because it force us to go out from our comfort zone.

Probably this is why most of the time we afraid to be in the "goodbye" position.

When we got to a point of the “wake up call”, this is where the challenging journey causes more pain

I call it journeys as this what they lead to it, some of them still are.

To be honest some of the journeys were crises.

In some of those situations, I understood that I can’t run away from facing the “goodbye” situation, as the same lesson comes over and over again until I’ve learned that it’s time to break it up.

I don't like to say goodbye, but I started to hug it. I prefer to face it when I want before it will catch me.

Yes, sometimes I hate it, but I love it. I'm afraid of it, but on the other hand, I'm excited about that.

Saying goodbyes means: Wake up, Change is around the corner, Time for a new beginning, Allow something new to start.

I don't like it when it faces me without warning; I hate the feeling that involved with it.

Some people ignore, moving on so fast – like the goodbye never been a part of it

Crises? Nah – I prefer to look at them as challenges – sound more optimistic J and easier to handle with..   and when I need to face a crisis all the tools (including trick my mind) are been used.

All means are valid.

So eventually,

It’s important to take a moment

To stop

To observe

To be thankful for the journey I had and the one that will go ahead

As –

Saying goodbye is hard from one side, but not a bad thing after all

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