Why I got cold feet before my visit as well as afraid to leave ?

I was waiting four months for that.

I haven’t seen them more than one and a half year.

To be honest, it felt that I haven’t seen them since November 2012 as I wasn’t really there… just physically.

Although I spent 10 months in Israel before I left again, I wasn’t myself. I have wrapped myself with mask and shut myself and my heart from everyone (even if I was going out and smile).

As part of me like to be well planned and the other side of me like to be spontaneous, I tried as much as I can to keep my mind open. המשך…

להמשך קריאה

Should I stop writing ? … It isn’t a piece of history; it is life. Amsterdam

Maybe I choose wrong. Have I done it completely wrong ? maybe it is a huge mistake that I'm not willing to pay the price. I've got hurt too much at the last few years.

Maybe I should stop…

“When I write I can shake off all my caves, my sorrow disappears, my spirit is revived”

Amsterdam, April 2017. Holocaust Memorial Day.


להמשך קריאה

How I handle life when they like a roller coaster ?

There was a time that every morning she used to wake up for a txt with the title of "while you were sleeping".

Every morning, day after day, she asked herself how her friend coupe with this crazy rhythm of things, especially when everything happens during working day…

Other friends of her describe her life at the last years like a roller coaster, another said it’s a hurricane and she is living in the middle of the eye of it. She just can't see it, as she is inside, so how she can know.

Yet, it was right.

Disneyland. Hong Kong. המשך…

להמשך קריאה
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